We Hack Care!

we hack care!

Assistive technologies can be expensive, yet there are simple solutions available where off-the shelf products and accessories can be adapted and modified to meet the needs of persons with disabilities, without breaking the bank. Our HackAble workshops are fully hands-on workshops where participants can learn how to DIY simple, low-cost assistive devices.


If you are working in a disability organisation and are keen to engage your staff and fellow colleagues in learning new skills to help your clients, a parent/caregiver looking for low-cost assistive technology to help your child, or a concerned individual, school or corporate group looking for an opportunity to learn new skills while contributing to society, do get in touch with us to arrange a workshop!

Hack-a-Toy Workshops

Children with special needs should not miss out the joy of playing with toys just because they have difficulty operating small ON and OFF buttons. The Hack-a-Toy teaches participants how to DIY their own accessibility switches to adapt off-the-shelf toys for easy activation by children with special needs. This not only restores their joy in playing, but also encourages movement and the improvement of motor skills.

Check out the various types of DIY accessibility switches you can learn to DIY!

We conduct workshops for EIPIC Centres, Special Education Schools and other disability organisations' staff, parents and caregivers. If you are interested in this workshop, get in touch with us at partnerships@EngineeringGood.org!

We Hack Care! Weekends

Learn how to build or repair assistive devices with Engineering Good

EG Volunteers gather most Sundays at our shared space to fix things, prep workshops, organize inventory, and ideate for problem-solving. It's invite-only so do reach out to us via email / facebook  before coming down to join the sessions.

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Alternatively, join us for our We Hack Care workshops that are fully hands-on workshops where participants can learn how to DIY simple, low-cost assistive devices. 

Join us for an afternoon of fun where you get to build your own devices with our facilitators on-site.  All sessions are free to join. Donations are also welcome to help us fund materials for new devices.

For queries on the workshops, please email workshops@engineeringgood.org.

All assistive devices built by participants will be donated to beneficiaries. 


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