This Innovation Challenge is for passionate and creative youth to develop solutions that will benefit persons with disabilities (PWDs), in particular empowering youths in finding and retaining employment.

From 20 August to 11 September, participants will go through ideation, prototyping, and iteration, culminating in an online presentation where they present their prototyped solutions.

A webinar will be held on 22 August 2020 where we will cover Design Thinking, hear from professionals who have worked with assistive technology and understand what goes into working with PWDs.

The team presentation will be held online on 12 September 2020. The team will present their ideas to a panel of experts and their peers.

registration is open!

Participation is open to educational institutions with students between 17-18 years of age. Each institution is allowed one team, of 2 to 5 people. Registration deadline is 14 August 2020.

the brief

What participants can expect from the Innovation Challenge:

Select and undertake one of the Problem Statements provided from our Community Partners and their service users.

The solution will be centered around software development, so students will need at least basic knowledge in coding.

You will be assigned a mentor from Google who will assist you in your innovation journey.

Learn from our team of professionals about Design Thinking, their experience with assistive technology and working with persons with disabilities.

Present your ideas to a panel of experts, where you can receive feedback to make your ideas to a reality!

The teams will be expected to:

Attend a Briefing & Webinar on 22 Aug.

Groups should work at their own time and pace on their projects and are responsible for their own resources and workspace.

Interact and maintain communications with service-users to study the problems and difficulties.

Keep track of their learning journey.

Work with their mentors, each group must produce a Prototype or Mock Up for the online team presentation.

Every participant will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Teams with promising projects will be given a chance to move forward with support from Engineering Good to turn their idea into reality.

key dates

Registration Deadline

20 August 2020, Thursday

Selection of Problem Statements

14 August, Friday to 22 August 2020, Saturday

Matching & Linking Teams, Mentors and Community Partners

22 August 2020, Saturday

Briefing & Webinar

22 August 2020, Saturday

Online Team Presentation

12 September 2020, Saturday

recommended timeline

Week 1: Registration of Teams and Mentors

Week 2: Selection of Problem Statements, then matching of Teams and Mentors to Community Partners

End of Week 2: Briefing & Webinar

Week 3: 1st meeting with Community Partners to discuss the Problem Statement

Week 4: Teams and Mentors meet at their own time to create the solution

Week 5: 2nd meeting with Community Partners for feedback of prototype

End of Week 5: Online Team Presentations

the deliverables

Teams are expected to come up with a prototype of their solution and present it to a panel of experts and your peers at the Online Team Presentation on 12 September 2020.

The prototype need not be a working solution but needs to describe or demonstrate to the reader a reasonable understanding of the end product, and good confidence that the proposal will solve the issue.

For this presentation, the software should be at pre-Alpha stage, in the Implementation stage of the software development cycle. Coding of the basic framework should have been done, but actual UIs can be replaced with mockups if necessary.

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