Tech for Good is an innovation challenge for passionate and creative youths, 15-25 years old, to develop solutions that will benefit persons with disabilities and their families/care-givers.

This innovation challenge for Good will run from August until November, where participants will go through ideation, prototyping, and iteration, culminating in a public festival event to showcase their prototyped solutions.

registration closed!

We are currently in the process of shortlisting 30 teams, in which we will announce on 27 August 2019 via email. Shortlisted teams will need to attend a briefing on 31 August at Geylang East Public Library.

The Tech For Good prototypes will be showcased on the 2 November 2019 at the National Library Plaza

the brief

Below is a short summary on what participants can expect for Tech For Good:

Select and undertake one of the Problem Statements provided from our beneficiaries.

The nature of the problem could be software, hardware or a mix of any engineering disciplines.

Upon registration, you will need to submit a paragraph (and illustrations if you wish) of your concept for shortlisting.

Only 30 groups will be shortlisted. These groups will then be expected to:

Attend an initial briefing on 31st August and be assigned a mentor that will guide them throughout the whole process.

Groups should work at their own time and pace on their projects and are responsible for their own resources and workspace

Interact and maintain communications with beneficiaries to study the problems and difficulties.

Keep track of their learning journey.

Working with their mentors, each group must produce a Prototype or Mock Up for the exhibition.

Shortlisted group will receive resources to help them along:

Participants will also be provided with workshops that will equip them with the skills required to perform the prototyping, like Human Centred Design, Basic Tool Usage, Mobile App Development, Basic Robotics, etc.

Each group will be given $200 Prototyping Allowance.

Tech For Good Partners will provide MakerSpaces and Meeting Rooms upon request.

Every participant will receive a Certificate of Participation. Special Mention Awards will also be presented for outstanding groups.

Teams with promising projects will be given a chance to move forward with support from Engineering Good to turn their idea into reality.

recommended timeline

Week 1: Getting to know the team, meeting with Social Service Agency (SSA) to further understand the problem

Week 2-3: Brainstorm and Ideate possible solutions, begin prototype

Week 4: Prototype ready for testing

Week 5: Second meeting with SSA for feedback

Week 6-7: Finalise on revised prototype

Week 8-9: Make final prototype, prep for show

the deliverables

Teams are expected to come up with a prototype of their solution and showcase it at the Tech for Good Showcase & Festival event on the 2nd of Nov 2019.

The prototype need not be a working solution but needs to describe or demonstrate to the reader a reasonable understanding of the end product, and good confidence that the proposal will solve the issue.

The exhibition will be held at a public community space where the teams will present their prototypes to a panel of judges, as well as to the general public who can take part in a public vote.

key dates

Registration Opens

July 15, Monday

Registration Deadline

25 August, Sunday

Announcement of Shortlist

27 August, Tuesday


31 August, Saturday

Showcase & Exhibition

02 November, Saturday

Do you have any questions about the contest?

want to help in another way?

Mentors: To share your invaluable expertise, skills and knowledge help guide our young participants in their journey.

Volunteers: To be part of our workshops and events.

Problem Statements: Submit a problem for your organisation.

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Tech For Good is an initiative by Engineering Good, a charity organisation that promotes inclusiveness in Singapore.

Engineering Good welcomes partners to join us and help bring these ideas to fruition.

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